Quotable Film Critic movie reviews


Volume One: 2000-2010
ISBN: 978-1-907338-01-4

"The Da Vinci Code is so full of religious mumbo-jumbo, I wondered when the Monty Python troupe would stroll on and give us a song from The Life Of Brian."
Baz Bamigboye in The Daily Mail (2006)
"The search for Ben Affleck's career was abandoned last night due to poor weather and visibility, but will be resumed with air-sea rescue helicopters at daybreak."
Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian (2003)
"There have been articles asking why the United States is so hated in some parts of the world. As this week’s Exhibit A from Hollywood, I offer Zoolander."
Roger Ebert in The Chicago Sun-Times (2001)
"Sean Bean is a performer who has all the dramatic range of a tiddlywink, albeit a very angry tiddlywink."
A.A. Gill in The Sunday Times (2009)

"If Night At The Museum ends up as an exhibit in a museum, it will be the wing dedicated to 'Disappointing Rubbish From The Year 2006.'"
Richard Bacon in The Sunday People (2006)