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 1000 Humorous Sports Quotations
exclusively by Women
The world of sport has been dominated by men since Homo Erectus - playing for Gondwanaland United - first kicked a round rock between a Brontosaurus' front legs some half a million years ago.
"Women's sport has always been considered the poor relation of men's (and we're talking an Oliver Twist-like throw-them-in-the-workhouse-and-forget-they-exist-type-poor)  When darts can progress from the back rooms of pubs to a multimillion-pound business with prime-time television coverage, don't tell me that athletic young women are a less appealing televisual prospect. It's time to bust the myth that sport is a guy thing."
Emma John in The New Statesman (2008)

While women have fought long and hard to achieve an equal footing on the sports field, they have not been so successful in the field of sports quotations.
Peruse any book of sports quotes and you will find 99.9 percent of the content is male-generated. And the 0.1% female contribution usually covers the same old, tried and tested chestnuts ranging from  ...

"Cricket is not illegal, it is a manly game."
Queen Anne (1710)
"Sport is a university of life."
Lucinda Green (1980)

QUOTE LIKE A BUTTERFLY, STING LIKE A QUEEN BEE busts the myth that sports quotations - and humorous ones to boot - are solely a 'guy thing.' 

QUOTE LIKE A BUTTERFLY is the first-ever female-only book of humorous sports quotations. 
Drawing on world class sports women and world class funny women, this unique book proves that women can be masters of the sporting deed and the sporting word.
"One sure fire way to regain your feminist ardour though is to become a female football reporter. Apart from discovering that many of your male colleagues earn more than you and any minor error will be gleefully pounced on by chauvinist Andy Capps who delight in penning letters of complaint to your (invariably male) sports editor, there is the thorny issue of swearing."
Louise Taylor on GiveMeFootball.com (2002)

Above all else, QUOTE LIKE A BUTTERFLY delivers what has previously been a much underreported feminine view of the male-dominated sports arena with a lot of laughs along the way.
The female-only content covers the last 200 years or more ... 

from Austen ...
"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours and laugh at them in our turn?"
Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice (1813)

... to Zaharias ...
To a meeting of the LPGA in the 1940s - "You know when there's a star, like in show business, the star has her name in lights on the marquee! Right? And the star gets the money because the people come to see the star, right? Well, I'm the star, and all of you are in the chorus."
Babe Zaharias

The 1000 quotations in QUOTE LIKE A BUTTERFLY include those by ...

Female sports stars ...
On being asked if her coach banned the Olympic cycling team from having sex before races - "Oh no, we're allowed to do that ... just not with each other."
Victoria Pendleton in The Observer Sports Monthly (2008)  

Female sportswriters ... 
On the proposed roof at Wimbledon - "This year we are back to a sort of semi-covering - as though the brim of a hat was being worn on the inside - but with new scoreboards. Next year the roof will move on properly, a translucent retractable number - not unlike one of Serena Williams' wardrobe favourites."
Tanya Aldred in The Guardian (2008)

Female sports presenters ...
"While the influx of foreign players has added to the Premiership's sophistication, so West Ham United have become an ever more bizarre mixture of cheap discards from far flung lands and promising youngsters from London's suburbs. It is as if they knew there was a sale on at Harvey Nichols but ended up at Blackbushe market by mistake."
Clare Balding on ESPN Soccernet.com (2001)

Female authors ...
"How Maddy loathed the bum-numbing tedium  of cricket. It was Wagner - with wickets."
Kathy Lette, Foetal Attraction (1993)

Female comedians ...
"Ferries have stopped transporting live animals  to the Continent. This has made it very difficult for England football fans to get to away matches."
Jo Brand

Female columnists ...
"Snowboarding is the beach volleyball of the Winter Olympics ... The snowboarders' uniforms - hugely baggy white pants and tops with incongruous Yankee pinstripes - weren't exactly snappy; the half-pipers, who were often in a crouch, looked like moving piles of clean laundry."
Nancy Franklin in The New Yorker (2006)

Female superstars from other walks of life ... 
On her less-than-feminine legs - "They used to be my Kevin Keegans, they went on to be my Gazzas and now they're my Rooneys."
Dame Helen Mirren (2007)

There are quotations on sportswomen by women ...
"Venus Williams does less bling than her sister Serena and that includes Grand Slam trophies."
Sue Mott in The Daily Telegraph (2005)

On sportsmen by women ...
"The main reason for following England was to see David Beckham's tanned, naked and oddly smooth torso at the end of each game. Does he wax it, I wonder? Or does that arduous task fall to Posh?"
Wendy Holden in The Observer Sports Monthly (2002)

Female reviews of sports movies  ...
"The movie wants to say too much. Its bases are loaded, but not all the runs are batted in ... Field of Dreams is no Bull Durham. It doesn't strike out, but it does foul a few off the bleachers."
Rita Kempley in The Washington Post (1989)

Sports quotations by fictional female characters ...
Carrie: "You didn't use a condom?"
Miranda: "He has one ball, and I have a lazy ovary! In what twisted world does that create a baby? It's like the Special Olympics of conception!"
in Sex & the City: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (2001)

A further selection of quotations from

"Liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive anthrax in the mail as to develop a capacity for linear thinking."
Ann Coulter

"Remember, in Europe soccer isn't a pastime for suburban kids  it's war with rules."
Maitland McDonagh in TV Guide (2002)

"Ice skating - with its meticulously pre-ordinated choreography fanciful dress and movements that consist of wandering around in apparently pointless, ever-decreasing circles - is closer to Trooping The Colour than to a sport."
Julie Burchill

"Being a woman is of special interest only to aspiring male transsexuals. To actual women, it is merely a good excuse not to play football."
Fran Lebowitz, Metropolitan Life (1978)

"I don't believe for a second that weightlifting is a sport. They pick a thing up and put it back down. To me, that's indecision."
Paula Poundstone

"Golf is an exercise in Scottish pointlessness for people who are no longer able to throw telephone poles at each other."
Florence King

"In Russia, show the least athletic aptitude and they've got you dangling off the parallel bars with a leotard full of hormones."
Victoria Wood, Up to You Porky (1985)

"Everyone I know who takes up horse riding manages to widen their bottom by 50 per cent within a month. If I wanted to do that without leaving the house I would devote myself to cheesecake."
Sandi Toksvig in The Sunday Telegraph (2008)

"Cubans have accepted that adultery is their national sport."
Germaine Greer, The Madwoman's Underclothes (1987)

"Somewhere in the contract of the male columnist it is written that once a year he must wax poetic and philosophic about baseball, making it sound like a cross between the Kirov and Zen Buddhism."
Anna Quindlen in The New York Times (1992)

"If there is one specific time during the year that my spirits and coincidentally my bosoms are at their lowest, it is the day the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue comes out. By the way, wearing swimsuits is a sport like ketchup is a vegetable."
Rita Rudner, Naked Beneath My Clothes (1992)

"Golovin? Hantuchova? Kirilenko? Me neither. It's as if there's a secret armaments factory somewhere in Eastern Europe which churns out ballistic baseline belles who sound like a terrible hand in Scrabble."
Allison Pearson in The Daily Mail (2009)

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