Celebrity Bitch Quotes

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"The point of quotations is that one can use another’s words to be insulting.”
Amanda Cross
"To be a bitch or not to be a bitch, that is the question."
Shannen Doherty
From time immemorial, ever since Eve told Abel’s grieving widow that she looked fat at the funeral, women have taken great pains and great delight in telling other women how it is. Some elevate bitchery to an erudite art-form; others descend into the gutter to sling muck at their target.
"My one to watch - on Strictly Come Dancing - is Stephanie Beacham. I hope her partner is patient. I wouldn’t say she’s grand but she makes Princess Margaret look like Pat Butcher."
Kaye Adams in The Daily Record (2007)
"Jessica Alba ... every bit as gorgeous as the scenery in Into The Blue, but not quite so profound."
Connie Ogle in The Miami Herald (2005)
This volume of 1500 celebrity insults - exclusively by women about women - is a light-hearted, yet hard-nosed, head-long dive into the world of the Celebrity Bitch.
"Lily Allen’s got something of the street about her, she has a bit of a dinner lady face."
Emma Jones (2006)
CELEBRITY BITCH QUOTES covers centuries of bitchcraft about historical female figureheads through to twenty-first century icons. This dazzling diversity of victim is matched by the ‘artillery’ range of females actually doing the ‘bitching’ … from battle-hardened, battle axes of the tabloid press to normally soft-hearted, soft-spoken saintly celebrities themselves.
"Madonna, ever the mistress of reinvention, has revealed her latest Marlene Dietrich image, which is cool. But not when it’s how the legendary screen goddess looked shortly before she died."
Sue Carroll in The Daily Mirror (2007)
"They should give Joyce Haber open-heart surgery - and go in through the feet."
Julie Andrews
As well as individual celebrity females coming under attack from their own gender, this book also covers celebrity pairings and groups. A further feature reveals an introspective insight into how celebrities ‘bitch’ about themselves. The penultimate chapter casts a bitch’s eye view over chick flicks. The final section sees celebrity females dish the domestic dirt on their (former) male partners.
“The slight that can be conveyed in a glance, in a gracious smile, in a wave of the hand, is often the ‘ne plus ultra’ of art. What insult is so keen or so keenly felt, as the polite insult which it is impossible to resent?”
Julia Kavanagh


A to Z Listing

"I loved Kirstie Allsopp on Location, Location, Location. I admired her gale-force cheeriness … But now we have her new series, Kirstie’s Homemade Home, and suddenly I want to use her to stuff a Chesterfield sofa."
Allison Pearson in The Daily Mail (2009)

"Renée Zellweger, who having already bagged one Brit-lit heroine, has moved onto Beatrix Potter, whom she plays with a mix of scrubbed-cheek whimsy, icky vulnerability and fathomless self-congratulation."
Catherine Shoard in The Sunday Telegraph (2007)

Couples, Pairs & Twosomes

"As for Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue [on the X- Factor], I’m all for supporting adults with learning difficulties, but those girls have one brain cell and one facial expression between them."
Amanda Platell in The Daily Mail (2009)

All Girl Groups

"Like their (deliberately) robotic dance moves, there isn’t a lot of Girls Aloud that comes across as human or red-blooded. In this respect, Girls Aloud are the aural equivalent of the perfect murder, leaving behind no trace that ever they were there."
Sophie Harris in Time Out magazine (2007)

Introspective Inner Bitch 

"A naked Susannah is like a fat white maggot - all folds and undulating movement."
Susannah Constantine (2004)

Self-Proclaimed Bitches

"I define Bitch, it’s a Babe In Total Control of Herself."
Star Jones

The Art & Culture of Being a Bitch

"Bitching thrills because it flouts manners and speaks the truth … A good bitch with someone you trust can be cathartic when life as a woman gets you down. It is better for your health than Prozac and cheaper than therapy."
Kate Figes in The Guardian (2007)

Fictional Film & TV Bitches

Roseanne Connor [Roseanne Barr]: "Oh, see Dan!? All these years, everybody thought I was a bitch, but what I had was an ‘opinionated, blue-collar outlook.’ "
on Roseanne: Morning Becomes Obnoxious (1996)

EXEs & OHs!
Former Husbands, Boyfriends & Lovers

Piers Morgan: I forgot to ask - what was Sven [Goran Eriksson] like in bed? A tornado?
Ulrika Jonsson: More of a rowing boat. With one oar. Going round and round and round.
from Piers Morgan’s The Insider (2005)

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